School Performance Reports

Annual Implementation Plan

Bundarra Primary School boasts highly supportive and engaging classroom environments, which focus strongly on effectively structured ‘Literacy and Numeracy’ lessons and explicit teaching which is personalised to meet the individual needs of every student.

Our 2019 Annual Implementation Plan details our focus to be:

  • Goal 1- To improve outcomes in literacy and numeracy for all students Grades Foundation to 6.
  • Goal 2- To build a positive climate for learning so that students are confident, healthy and resilient.

 At Bundarra we truly understand the importance of building quality relationships between students, teachers, parents and the wider community. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and caring environment where Restorative Practices and our “You Can Do It” values program underpin and optimise the social, emotional and academic development of all of our students.

Our Well Being coordinator, Community Liaison Officer and integration managers play pivotal roles in supporting students and families in need of extra assistance. Our Well Being coordinator facilitates anti-bullying, friendship, self-esteem and parenting support. She is also happy to make a time for a quick coffee and a chat! We look to restore relationships using restorative practices (meeting with students to discuss the problem, solutions). We are a “telling school” where we want students to feel comfortable to share their concerns. We deal promptly and professionally with all issues brought to our attention. Our integration manager plays a pivotal part in our school to see that students with special needs within our school our supported, through special programs, Individual learning goals, Student support group meetings and transition through year levels.


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