Health and Safety

How we are keeping safe…

Following DET advice we are keeping everyone safe with the following:

  • Class sizes of less than 20 students.
  • Minimal adults in the rooms.
  • Social distancing for staff and essential adults in the school.
  • Cleaning occurring twice daily- high touch areas, bathrooms, tables and classrooms.
  • No sharing of learning materials between classes.
  • Sanitation stations in all classrooms- with soap, handwashing facilities, sanitiser and cleaning products for staff to utelise.
  • Bubble taps reopened for Student Use (Nov 2020), regularly cleaned.
  • Student drop of and collection closely monitored to ensure social distancing.
  • Communication with families via phone, email, skoolbag app, facebook and Webex.
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From the Victorian Chief Health Officer:

Victorian Chief Health Officer message to Victorian schools and their communities

Physical Health Apps for you and your family:

Social Distancing

It is important to follow all of the advice we are being given about social distancing and self-isolating. If we all do our part by staying home with our immediate family only, then we will flatten the curve & reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community.

This means changes to how we do things. It will be difficult for families – no socialising, no play dates, no trips away, no family visits or gathering for Easter – but we all need to do our part & follow the guidelines.


Raising children website-

Social distancing explained for children-

Remember when you’re not involved in formal learning to have some fun! Enjoy some quality time with your children – play, read books, play some more, build cubbies in your loungeroom, back yard cricket, Lego, board games, puzzles, bike rides and more.


Talking to children about Coronavirus

Knowing how to speak to children and young people about the Covid-19 situation is tricky.

Here are some articles that may assist families in approaching the topic.

Talking to Young People about Corona Virus1

Talking to Young People about Corona Virus2